How Can A Fertility Clinic Help Their Patients With Third-Party Reproduction?

A fertility clinic in Orlando provides a variety of services to couples who are having difficulty starting a family. The doctors at the clinic can diagnose the problems and recommend various solutions.

What Is Third-Party Reproduction?

Third-party reproduction describes a variety of techniques that involve another person besides the couples. It includes sperm donors, egg donors, embryo adoption, and gestational carriers.

Gestational carriers are more commonly known “surrogate mothers,” and they are used only if the doctor has determined that their patient is unable to carry a child to term. The doctor will take the embryo from the patient and implant it into the gestational carrier. Using a gestational carrier requires ironclad legal agreements to prevent her from trying to claim the child.

What Does Embryo Adoption Involve?

Embryo adoption is a relatively new type of third party-reproduction offered by a fertility clinic in Orlando. As the name suggests, the couple literally adopts an embryo that was created through the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process and then stored in a freezer. Many such embryos are orphaned in the sense that the clinic has lost contact with their biological parents. After helping the couple with the legal paperwork, the doctor will perform a simple procedure to transfer the embryo to its new mother.

Why Would Couples Adopt an Embryo?

There are several different situations in which a couple would consider embryo adoption. For example, they might consider it if the woman has had repeated miscarriages, and the doctor identified a genetic cause, rather than a physical cause like an incompetent cervix. The couple may also choose embryo adoption if both are carriers of a genetic disorder or if both have untreatable infertility.

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