How Can Teeth Cleaning in NYC Protect the Health of Your Smile?

by | May 2, 2014 | Dentistry

In taking care of your teeth and gums, you make sure you brush and floss your teeth every day. You need to make sure you brush and floss morning and night, to help remove the food particles and plaque that can cause decay in your teeth. Though you do all you can to keep your teeth clean, there are areas your toothbrush and floss can miss. This is why it is imperative you see your dentist at least twice a year, for Teeth Cleaning in NYC. This cleaning procedure can help to thoroughly clean your teeth, so they are protected from cavities.

How is a Teeth Cleaning Procedure Carried Out on Your Teeth?

To clean your teeth, the dental hygienist will use a special cleaning brush. This removes all of the surface plaque and food particles, so your teeth are as clean as possible. The hygienist will next use a special scraping tool. This tool can remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, so it does not cause decay. Once your teeth are fully clean, they will be flossed. Flossing removes any plaque and tartar that can be caught between your teeth. This is where your teeth are the most vulnerable to experiencing damage.

As a part of the Teeth Cleaning in NYC, the hygienist will use a special polishing tool, to smooth the surface of your teeth and make them shiny. Polishing helps to remove surface stains and make your teeth look their very best. This gives you that squeaky clean feel you love after a professional dental cleaning.

At the end of your cleaning procedure, you will have a Fluoride treatment. Fluoride comes in a variety of flavors and is applied to your teeth, to strengthen them. You will need to avoid eating or drinking for about thirty minutes after your procedure, so the Fluoride can penetrate your teeth and protect them.

If you are in need of a teeth cleaning procedure or other dental treatments, contact Greene Street Dental of NYC. They will work to protect your teeth and gums, so your smile stays healthy and looks its very best.

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