How chapter 13 in Chicago Can Help You with Your Finances

Worried and stressed about your intense debt? Tired of not being able to meet all the payment deadlines and getting hassled by debt collectors? Feeling the time crunch as you make money and work hard, but still can’t seem to make enough to pay back your payments on time? Remember, you’re not alone. It’s a tough time, but Lake Law can, and wants, to help you. If you want high quality bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure defense, then Lake Law in Chicago, Illinois, or Wisconsin is for you. They offer financial service with courtesy, respect, dedication, professionalism, care and kindness. Lake Law only wants to help you get through this rough time with oppressive personal or business debt. Financial assistance is difficult to attain if you make more than the median income, yet have more debt than you can handle. This instance is where Lake Law‘s chapter 13 will help.

Lake Law’s chapter 13 in Chicago gives you an option if you make more than the median income and don’t pass the Means Test. With this option, you can get rid of your second mortgage if your first mortgage is higher than the cost of your home and you can get breathing room from intimidating debt like student loans, tax debts, child support, or alimony. This gives you the ability to pay back your debt with one check a month for a little as three years or as many as five years, and you can catch up with car payments and your mortgage. Lake Law’s chapter 13 in Chicago will cease mortgage foreclosure in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and they can even object to incorrect credit card claims as well as false mortgage claims. They might even be able to help you obtain a mortgage modification agreement if you have been previously denied one!

Come visit the website at and get a free consultation. There, you will find a free e-book for you to download and help you better understand the processes. There are many options for you, even if chapter 13 doesn’t exactly fit your needs. Come check out all Lake Law’s services online and they will try their hardest to help you out in this difficult time. Lake Law is here to help you with all your bankruptcy problems. Lake Law is “Recognized for Bankruptcy Excellence- Your Financial Life-Saver” and is here to help you help yourself.