How Determine if You Have an Air Conditioning Emergency in Washington DC

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Problems with your air conditioning system will likely cause you a bit of discomfort especially if you encounter the problem in the summer. You can help yourself avoid panic by understanding which issues actually constitute as an Air Conditioning Emergency in Washington DC. True emergencies may occur outside business hours, but if you have an issue that could possibly wait, you might choose not to contact the HVAC service until the following day. Some of the most reported issues regarding air conditioning systems are leaking water, noisy units, units that are not cooling, and freezing components.

Leaking water should be reported to a contractor immediately because it exposes your property to water which can make mold grow. Do not make the mistake of assuming that if the water is leaking on the outside it is not an emergency. Think about mold or mildew on your concrete or the siding of your home. This is unsightly, and it can also spread rapidly. Also, be aware that leaky water can cause structural damages if it is not addressed. Rusty condenser pans and drainage tube issues are often the culprit of leaking water issues.

Noisy units are not generally an emergency. They are often a sign of some type of blockage. It could be as simple as a leaf, or it could be an item that has gotten trapped inside of the unit. The best way to determine why your system is running loudly is to contact an HVAC contractor to inspect the system. Keep in mind that if you have an older system, it may be noisy due to the way it is constructed.

Units that are not cooling may need to have Freon added. This is a task that must be performed by a professional HVAC contractor. Use the outside temperature as a gauge for deciding whether or not you have a true emergency. If the outside temperature is greater than 65 degrees, treat it as an Air Conditioning Emergency in Washington DC.

Freezing components of a system are likely related to condenser coils or Freon issues. If you encounter any of these issues, visit website of this HVAC company, and schedule a service visit.