How Do the Lincoln Park Chiropractors Perform Adjustments?

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picture-of-doc_ice-charity-eventChronic back pain can be caused by different reasons, but is almost always caused by subluxations in the spine. These alignment issues cause the spine to come out of alignment, causing the vertebrae to begin pressing on the nerves and the soft tissues surrounding the spine. When these become compressed, you can experience severe pain in your back and difficulty in movement. To relieve your pain, the Lincoln Park chiropractors can perform adjustments on your back. Using precise movements, the vertebrae can be brought back into alignment so the soft tissues can properly heal.

What Can You Expect When You Have a Chiropractic Adjustment?

When you go in for an adjustment, the Lincoln Park chiropractors will first talk with you about your health history and your pain. This allows the chiropractor to gain information about your health so he or she can begin the process of helping you to find relief of your pain. Once a complete medical history has been taken and discussed, the chiropractor will make the decision on whether or not to take X-rays and will begin the examination process.

After viewing the X-rays and examining you, the doctor will have a better idea of what is causing your pain. This will allow him or her to begin the adjustment process, so you can begin feeling major relief from your pain. Using gentle, yet firm and precise movements, the doctor will manipulate the spine and move each vertebrae into their proper alignment. This allows almost instantaneous relief of pain. It will take time for your pain to be completely relieved. This will involve ongoing adjustments and rest, to allow the soft tissues to heal.

If you are dealing with pain in your back or other parts of your body, there is help available. Through chiropractic adjustments, you can find true relief from your pain, so you can get back to your normal life again. To find out how chiropractic care can help your pain, visit They can assist you in finding the cause of your pain and will work to help you overcome it so you do not have to rely on pain medications.

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