How Do You Handle Clogged Plumbing?

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They happen in every household no matter how new the facilities are. They may not occur immediately, but over time, they are bound to happen – particularly if you have more than one person in the home. They can also occur readily if the pipes are old, narrow and are built up on the inside. These are clogs. They are the major reason why drain cleaning in Bridgeport CT is a common reason why homeowners and renters call in a plumber.

Why Clogs Occur

Clogs are the result of several factors. The most common is stuff. People wash things down sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Some are intentional while others are not. Hair, food, dirt, waste material, fluffs, toilet and tissue paper, and soap all end up whirling down the drains. While some flash merrily through the pipes, others do not. They stay there, trapping other particles, building up overtime into a sludgy mess.

The result is simple. The pipes are first narrowed then blocked. Back-ups of the water occur indicating something is wrong. Eventually, the bathroom kitchen or other room floor ends up sopping wet as water spills over tile, carpet and anything else. When pipes or drains become clogged, drain cleaning becomes necessary.

How to Manage a Clog

There are different approaches to the problem. Some individuals ignore it until it is essential to take care of it; others immediately call in a plumber for drain cleaning. Other people adopt a logical approach. They:

  • Try to discover whether the block is partial or complete by watching the pattern of drainage. If little or no water passes through, the stoppage is a complete one.
  • Stop using the affected system – whether it is sink, tub or toilet
  • Try a plunger to see if this proves affective
  • Use a snake to see if this works

While some pour copious chemicals as a form of drain cleaning, Bridgeport CT experts do not recommend this as a means of safely cleaning out a stubborn clog. The same is often applicable to many natural drain cleaning products. It is not that they are harmful. It simply means that they may prove ineffectual against a stubborn clog. In fact, if the drains are severely clogged, the actions of either chemicals or natural products may actually add to the problem. Instead, do the sensible thing – call in a certified plumber.

When it comes to dealing with a clogged sink, you need to assess the issue before you tackle it. When it comes to drain cleaning, Bridgeport CT pros say nothing is a substitute for an expert. While you may be able to address and remove small clogs, it may be in the best interest of you and your plumbing to call in a plumber to set it right.