How Embedded Computing Can Provide You With More Power

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Hardware

Many of us who use computers on a daily basis have become familiar with the type of computing which is referred to as general computing. This is a computer system which is designed to be capable of performing many different functions and running many different applications. Many of your household desktops and notebooks are simple versions of computer systems which are run with general computing. This is in comparison to embedded computing. When put simply embedded computing is a specific system which is designed to perform one function or one application.

Embedded computing is all about special purpose systems. The entire unit is built to perform one function in the most efficient and powerful way possible. This is important when it comes to certain applications for computers which require a very high level of computing power in order to operate however it can be applied to a much wider area of the computing world. The beauty of these systems is that since they are designed specifically to perform a certain task they are able to do it much better than a general computing system which is attempting to perform the same function.

Embedded computing is all about efficiency. Only the hardware and software which are needed to perform the function are even included in the computing system. An example of this could be a home alarm system. This is a very basic example, but it serves to illustrate the point. The only components which are built into the system are those which are capable of performing home alarm and protection functions. This makes it the ideal machine for carrying out this function because there are no other programs or applications to interfere and all of the power is dedicated to accomplishing the one goal.

The important thing to know when purchasing something with embedded computing is that it is not easily alterable by the end user. This means that if you decide that you don’t actually need the system to perform the task that it is designed for, then it is not easily made to perform any other function. It is designed for a special purpose and is not capable of doing much else. It provides quality over quantity when it comes to functionality.

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