How ISP Redundancy Can Add to Your Bottom Line

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With lessons from the Great Recession still fresh in many business leaders’ minds, cost-cutting and cost-saving measures are big in corporations today. So, too, are techniques that can enhance earnings and help companies shore up their financials to weather any future storms that come their way. While ISP redundancy might seem like it’s an “expense,” the truth is this cost can actually add up to savings and earnings over time.

What is It?

ISP redundancy is the practice of using more than one incoming Internet Service Provider’s lines to feed a company or organization’s Internet network. When multiple lines make up the backbone of a network, companies will find they enjoy enhanced uptime, increased speed and a host of other benefits. But, first, many have to justify the expense. The truth is the little bit added onto a monthly outflow to cover ISP duplicity can add up to earnings over the long run.

How Does it Add to a Corporate Structure?

ISP redundancy won’t directly add up to numbers going in the plus column of those ledger books, but it does so in a variety of indirect ways. When companies that use managed WAN services make certain they also have redundancy, they (and their bottom lines) benefit from:

* Guaranteed uptime – Redundant ISP setups are meant to ensure that WANs stay online all the time. When one ISP is having trouble or goes down entirely, an automated system switches the network to another ISP that’s made available. This essentially delivers seamless uptime no matter what problems a singular ISP might be having. For businesses that operate using WANs, downtime means a loss of productivity and potentially a loss of revenue. So, in this case, redundancy preserves the bottom line.

* Enhanced speed – When multiple ISPs form the backbone of a network, speed can be enhanced automatically. This means faster processing of day to day work, faster downloads and more. Essentially, this ups productivity and helps employees be more efficient. Again, that’s a gain for the bottom line despite the recurring expense on the front end.

* Peace of mind – Some of the best providers of ISP redundancy and WAN management solutions also offer network security. This is critical for companies in maintaining their data and that of their customers. A loss here can be huge.

Sometimes you have to spend a little money to get a lot in return. ISP redundancy is one of those expenses that can add up to big “earnings” over the long haul.

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