How Lacrosse Gloves Vary for Different Genders

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Sports & Games

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The popularity of lacrosse is mainly down to the fact that this game can be enjoyed by men, women, boys and girls. If you regularly indulge in this sport and are currently in the process of renewing your lacrosse equipment, lacrosse gloves should be on your list of things to buy. The lacrosse gloves you wear will make a difference to your gaming ability because gloves that are not ventilated properly or designed with the correct materials may restrict you when catching and throwing the lacrosse ball. Lacrosse gloves are specially crafted for male and female players, so make sure you know the difference between what a man and a woman is required to wear before you spend money on these items.

The Various Kinds of Lacrosse Gloves

Although the majority of lacrosse gloves look similar, there will be different materials used for each glove. The kind of gloves you select will depend entirely on your personal preferences but it is important to remember that no matter what material you opt for, the gloves should offer a sufficient amount of protection and padding. Mesh will be suitable for extra grip when holding the lacrosse stick and foam will assist you if you want added comfort when participating in a game. Synthetic leather looks stylish and allows for a tighter clutch when passing the lacrosse ball, whereas gel gloves are beginning to overshadow other gloves on the market because of their protection properties.

Separating Men’s Lacrosse Gloves from Women’s

The reason why lacrosse gloves for men are different to lacrosse gloves for women is because the game rules will vary for both sexes. When men play a game of lacrosse, more contact is allowed and this means that the gloves need to be thicker, more durable and complete with a protective barrier. Men’s gloves must be flexible and strong at the same time, so that goals can be scored and balls can be caught. For women, comfort is the main priority due to the game involving less contact with other players. Regardless of your sex, make sure the gloves you buy keep your hands warm during the winter so that you have full control when on the field.

Ventilated Lacrosse Gloves

If you have shopped for lacrosse gloves before it is likely you have heard of ventilation and this is one of the most crucial areas to focus on when selecting gloves. Constantly using your hands will cause sweat to spread over the palms and fingers and not only will this feel uncomfortable but also, it will reduce your competency when scooping the ball. To stop sweating from affecting playing power, find gloves that are made with ventilated materials. To improve your comfort that little bit more, select equipment with wrist cuffs, so that wrist movements become effortless and manageable.

The more time you take choosing lacrosse gloves, the longer they will last. Visit sites to view the updated range of quality gloves, shorts and jerseys for men and women.

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