How Logistics Headhunters Find Talent

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Finding logistics experts can be difficult, especially if you handle international distribution for a variety of multinational corporations. When you are in this position, you cannot take a chance on the talent that you hire, as every employee must be prepared to thrive in this high pressure environment. This is why you might want to consider working with a logistics headhunter, as they will carefully go through the references and qualifications of every candidate they find, which streamlines the hiring process for you.

Online Recruiting
The online world has made it much easier for headhunters to find potential employees, as they can now recruit all over the world. Social media, in particular, has made it simpler to find talent because these individuals can post their resumes online and have the recruiters come to them. In addition, many logistics headhunters now have their own websites and will collect resumes at this location. This allows job candidates to submit their resumes and the headhunter can contact them when the right job comes along.

Job Conferences
Just because the Internet has made it easier to find talent does not mean that it is the only place to locate qualified candidates. Cities all over the world have job conferences annually, which is a great place for headhunters to track down qualified individuals. These conferences allow job seekers to network with recruiters, which allows the two parties to come into contact at a later date. Networking at these conferences gives headhunters a distinct advantage, as they are able to make personal connections with job seekers, rather than just sitting behind a computer screen.

Colleges and Universities
Posting at universities allows headhunters to touch base with up and coming talents, which most organizations can use in some capacity. While you would not want to put a new graduate into a high level position right away, they can be used in entry level logistics positions, which allows them to work their way up in the future. Good headhunters know that they must focus on finding candidates at all levels of the business, as employers need workers at every pay grade.

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