How Manufacturers of Custom Table Pads Protect Your Furniture

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Home & Garden

Your dining room table is often a big investment, and one that you want to protect. However, even very well made tables are not immune to wear, tear and accidents. That is why providers such as Superior Table Pad Co. Inc offer a variety of products that can extend the life of your furniture and provide benefits that include:

* PRESERVATION: Most tables are used every day, which makes them susceptible to scratches, burns, gouges, and more. Children can leave paint or crayon marks on them. Spills are common, and even light from nearby windows can degrade finishes. Tablecloths and placements rarely prevent damage. However, you can order affordable protective table pads in a variety of shapes. They can be left on at all times, and covered with tablecloths.

* CUSTOM PRODUCTS: When tables are made in unusual shapes or sizes, manufacturers will create Custom Table Pads. Experts assist customers to create patterns during the ordering process. In addition, providers carry a range of ready-made pads in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can order for oval, square, round, and octagonal surfaces. There are pads for tables with a variety of corner shapes as well. Products also come in different colors, and many are beautiful enough to substitute for tablecloths.

* SAVINGS: The cost of table pads varies widely, but manufacturers offer do budget-friendly choices. Even the least expensive options protect against water, heat, and scratches, which saves the cost of furniture repairs or replacement.

* OPTIONS: You can order pads in materials that allow you to safely use your dining room table as an office, children’s play area, or formal dining surface. There are models available in more than 25 surface colors. They are designed to match your furnishings, making it unnecessary to add a tablecloth. Suppliers also offer buffet, sideboard, and server pads, as well as locks to hold pads in place.

* SIMPLE ORDERING: Table pads can be ordered online, directly from the manufacturer’s website. Sites include galleries showing various styles. They including instructions that help you choose the right pad, and provide simple payment options.

It is important to order a table pad for your new dining room table. Pads protect surfaces against water, heat, scratches, and more. They can extend the life of tables and protect your investment. It is simple to order a variety of table pads online, even if your table has an irregular shape or size. Browse website for more information.

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