How Recycling in New Bedford, MA is Helping the Community

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Today many American cities are teaming up with waste disposal experts, and creating recycling programs. Experts, such as ABC Disposal Service, Inc., guide area residents in their efforts. Currently Recycling in New Bedford, MA is providing benefits that include:

REDUCING DISPOSAL COSTS: As part of Recycling in New Bedford, MA, ABC Disposal technicians will provide collection containers and equipment. These range from 64 gal. toters to a 42 cubic yard roll-off compactor. Experts work with clients, to manage Massachusetts Waste Ban items. Technicians collect and recycle metals, wood, glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard products.

SAVING LAND: Traditional landfills can use acres of valuable land in most communities. However, Recycling in New Bedford, MA frees up these areas, so they can be used for more constructive purposes. The program also helps keeps toxins out of land that is set aside for solid waste disposal. Items in landfills may produce harmful by-products as they decay. These can include chemicals, which will poison water supplies, plants, and animals. Recycling in New Bedford, MA keeps the most harmful items from ending up in landfills.

CONSERVING RESOURCES: Extracting, transporting, and manufacturing new products can use tons of raw materials, including ore, oil, and more. However, creating the same items from recycled materials takes far less energy and few raw materials. Recycling in New Bedford, MA saves millions of trees, as well as tons of coal, limestone, iron ore, and steel.

HELPING THE ECONOMY: Recycling has become an industry that helps fuel the economy. Buying and selling recyclables stimulates business. It also helps towns and cities save money on electricity, waste disposal, and landfill costs. In addition, recycling is good for job creation. When solid waste is burned for electricity, one job is created. Six jobs are created when materials are dumped in landfills. However, recycling the same amount of materials generates 36 jobs.

Many U.S. towns have partnered with sold waste professionals, to create recycling programs. Their efforts have resulted in lowered electrical, landfill, and waste disposal costs. In addition, communities are conserving natural resources, energy, and area land. Recycling also helps the economy and creates jobs.