How to Avoid Furnace Maintenance Scams in Chicago this Winter

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If you are looking for furnace maintenance in Chicago this winter season, you need to be careful not to get scammed. Just like with anything, there are scammers out there, who are looking to take your money, and give no services, or shoddy services, in return. This time of year, furnace maintenance in Chicago scam artist are running rampant, read on to find out how to avoid being scammed when you need heating repairs this winter.

Furnace maintenance fraud is very common during this time of year. You hire what you think is a reputable company to come in and inspect your furnace before the snow starts to fly, and suddenly they find tons of problems that are dangerous to the health of you and your family. Of course, you pay them to fix the problems, even though the problems don’t exist, and they take your money and run. The best way to avoid a furnace maintenance scam artist is by doing the following:

  • Always get a second opinion, unless it is from a company that you have worked with before and has a sterling reputation in your community
  • Avoid agreeing to same day repairs, even if you are offered a “once in a lifetime” deal.
  • If repairs are needed, ask for photos of exactly what needs to be fixed, it should be apparent, ask for enough background in the photo that you can tell the photographs were indeed taken in your home.
  • Do your homework. Never go into furnace repairs or replacements without doing your research, and knowing at least a little bit about what the repairmen are doing.
  • Always check out any company that you are thinking of hiring through the BBB, Better Business Bureau, and make sure that they are legit.

Scams have been being run on unsuspecting consumers since the beginning of time. A furnace is too important to do without, especially as the temperatures drop into the teens and the snow storms hit. Be safe instead of sorry, and make sure to follow the tips above, so that you don’t get scammed, and your furnace is in great shape for the winter ahead. Visit Heatmasters for more information.