How to Choose Personalized Chocolate Hearts for Your Wedding

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Shopping

Hearts are often considered a symbol of love and are therefore often incorporated into many wedding themes. If you want to implement hearts into your wedding reception by providing your guests with personalized chocolate hearts, you need to make several decisions. These decisions will allow you to create a truly customized favor that will leave a positive impression on all your guests.

Image or Not

Some chocolate companies will allow you print an actual image in edible ink on the surface of the chocolate heart. This can be a great way to provide your guests with a truly memorable favor they can either enjoy eating or take home to enjoy for years to come. Just because an image is available doesn’t mean you need to use one. If you need to save some money or you would prefer all your guests eat the treat, regular chocolates in a heart shape is also appropriate.


In most cases, the personalized chocolate hearts you choose for your wedding favors will come in a variety of colors from which you can choose. Most people prefer to choose their wedding colors for the wrappings of these custom chocolates. The most common type of wrapping available for these chocolates is foil. Once you receive the foil-wrapped chocolates, though, you can choose to package them within something else, such as a mesh bag or a box.


Another important consideration you have when it comes to choosing these hearts for your wedding favors is their size. If you have chosen to print an image on the hearts, you will likely need to choose larger chocolate hearts, giving each guest just one. However, if you choose regular chocolates, they will often come in a much smaller size, allowing you to package several of them together to give to each of your guests so they have something to enjoy now and something to save for later.

Premium quality personalized chocolate hearts are the perfect option when you are looking for special wedding favors to give to all your guests. As you choose the right chocolate hearts for your favors, you need to decide whether you want to include a printed image, which color foil the chocolates should be wrapped in and how large or small they should be. No matter what you choose, your guests will enjoy the gift of chocolate they can eat either at the reception or later at home.

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