How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears: Animal Hospitals Roswell

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A dog’s ears are extremely sensitive and may become infected, infested with parasites or injured by excessive dirt or a build-up of wax. Although your pet may resist your attempts to an examination and cleaning, it is an important part of their care. Learn more about the care of your pet with the Animal Hospitals Roswell.

Gather Your Equipment

Your veterinarian will provide the best ear cleaning solution for your pet and recommend the frequency of use. Gather a bag of clean cotton balls, a bag of your pet’s favourite treats and a second person for help if possible. The use of a small room or bathroom may be the best way to control the movement of an uncooperative pet. In addition, wash your hands or wear gloves for the ear cleaning procedure.

Examine and Clean the Dog’s Ears

Gently open the ear and examine the condition of the skin inside. If the skin is excessively red and may be infected, you should schedule an appointment with veterinarian. Skin inside the ear should be pink with a thin layer of a waxy coating. Next, dip a cotton ball in the cleaning solution and clean only the part of the ear you can visualize easily. Do not push the cotton ball into the ear canal. Be sure to cleanse the entire inside of the ear flap and check for signs of ear mites or injuries. Report any signs of excessive residue or a foul odor to your vet.

Signs and Care of Infected Ears

If your pet consistently scratches at an ear or frequently shakes their head, they may have an ear infection. In addition, you may smell a foul odor from the ear or notice a whitish discharge around one or both of the ears. Ear infections are common in dogs that swim in ponds, or small dogs that have long ears that brush the ground as they walk. An infection is usually treated with antibiotics or a special cleaning solution provided by your veterinarian. Infections must be treated to prevent hearing loss or before they spread to the brain.

Preventative Ear Care: Animal Hospitals Roswell

The cleaning of your dog’s ears is an important measure to prevent the occurrence of infection. Clean ears are less likely to develop the bacterial growth that is responsible for common infections in dogs. Read more for more information.