How To Contract PCB Assembly in California

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One of the greatest things about America is that we have what’s called a free trade economy. Anyone who wants to make money just needs to figure out how they can do it within the limits of federal or state laws. Anyone who has an idea they think could make money is free to take that idea into the free market. Imagine having an idea for a piece of electronics that would be assembled into a casing or shell and sold to various customers or retail outlet throughout the country. Although you have the idea, you don’t know how to design a printed circuit board, and you don’t know how to assemble the components, that’s where your local provider for Contract PCB Assembly in California comes in.

Your provider for Contract PCB Assembly in California will help you take your idea and turn it into a marketable product. With turnkey assembly it’s possible to simply get the idea ready to market and let your PCB assembly provider take care of the work. Unfortunately not all PCB assembly service providers are like Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc., they won’t be able to help design your product, or integrate the best technology available, or test that product. Most PCB assembly providers only do one thing, put the finished product together and ship it out. Caltronics is different, they can help take an idea and develop it into a finished, working product.

Getting help from a team of dedicated, experienced professionals can make a huge difference in how a product is developed. By getting help developing a product any entrepreneur can transform an idea into a marketable product that’s ready to sell. Caltronics offers help with every step of the development process. Analog, digital, or even mechanical design can start from a basic idea. Circuit design and printed circuit board layout makes it easy to integrate micro-controllers. Software and firmware design means that the software will created just for your product. Product testing assures that the finished product will work exactly as it should, and they will help you get UL, FCC and CE testing done at an approved lab.