How to Find Best Pet Boarding Services in Orange County

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If you’ve planned a family vacation or small getaway, you will need somewhere to leave your pets so they are in good care during your absence. Many people feel apprehensive about leaving their pets at a neighbor’s house or with a pet sitter, so pet boarding is a good option if you want to be sure that your pet gets quality care. These three tips will help you find pet boarding companies in Orange Country that will put your pet’s or pets’ needs first.

Visit Some Local Pet Boarding Facilities Before You Leave

The best way to get a feel for a place is to experience it yourself; bring your pet(s) with you as well and see how they react to the facility. If you can tell that your dog or cat feels comfortable in the environment, and you feel at ease about leaving your pet there, get some more information about the amenities the place offers. Get to know the staff and ask appropriate questions about how pets are cared for. Take a tour of the whole facility with your pet and make sure that you feel comfortable leaving your precious pup of friendly feline there for an extended period of time.

Decide What Amenities Are Most Important to You, and Narrow Down the Search

Make a list of what services you would like the facility to offer, and out of those, pick the top three that are most important to you. Then, call or Google search the companies to find out if they offer the services you desire. For example, if you want your pet to have fresh air each day and have someone walk him or her, then you should call around asking about outdoor time offered at the facility. If you want your pet to live in luxury and get the best service possible, center your search on these criteria. Choose the services that you cannot compromise on, and look up facilities that match your wishes.

Read Reviews to See What Others Have Said About the Company

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your search would be to look up reviews on the companies that you are interested in. If most people gave the company four or five stars and had nice things to say about their experiences, then that company should remain on your “yes” list until you narrow it down a little more. On the other hand, if most people had negative things to say, you should scratch that company off the list. Google makes it easy to do this and even offers a Google reviews section. Keep these three tips in mind as you look for the best boarding facility for your pet; he or she will thank you when you come back to pick him or her up. For more information you can visit Yorba Regional Animal Hospital or you can visit their Google+ page.