How to Find Dresses in Shreveport LA That Fit Your Body Type Perfectly

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Many women panic when they need a new dress for an upcoming event in Shreveport. Finding a dress that fits and flatters can sometimes take days to find. If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s time to start dressing for your body shape. After you successfully determine your body shape, it’s much easier to find Dresses in Shreveport LA that will look fantastic no matter what. Below are some of the most common body types and the styles of dresses that fit them best.

Inverted Triangle

A broad upper body and a narrow waist and hips are the hallmarks of the inverted triangle body shape. The trick to drawing attention away from your chest and shoulders is to emphasize your legs and add width to the lower half of your torso. This can be accomplished by choosing dresses with full skirts to balance out your top half. It’s also a good idea to emphasize your waist; a cinched-waisted dress with a skinny belt does this perfectly. As for the upper half, avoid dresses that feature spaghetti straps or wide boat necklines.


If you have a rounder bottom half and a well-defined waist, you’re a pear shape. Your goal is to find a dress that emphasizes your slim waist and makes your smaller upper body seem more proportionate to your curves down below. A-line or other full-skirted dresses do a great job of hiding an ample bum or hips, and dresses with ruffles or cap sleeves on top will add needed width to your narrow upper body.


Like the name implies, apple body shapes tend to carry girth around the middle of their bodies and have wide chests and shoulders. If you’re an apple shape, you may lack a defined waist but probably have slim hips and legs. When choosing Dresses in Shreveport LA, focus on finding styles that elongate your torso and help create the illusion of a waist. Empire-waist dresses are great choices for apples because they conceal a broader tummy and create a more streamlined look. Short mini-dresses are also a great choice because they put your legs on display.

Finding the perfect dress for an event can be a challenge, but it’s a lot easier if you know which styles work best with your body shape. When you’re ready to shop, you can find all these great styles and more at Pretenses Boutique.