How to Get Misdemeanor Assault and Threats Charges Dismissed

When you’ve been arrested, you have two different choices for representation in court. If you do not want to hire your own lawyer, or cannot afford one, you can have a public defender work on your case. If you can afford one and want the best chances of having Misdemeanor Assault and Threats Charges Dismissed, you’re going to want to hire a lawyer of your choosing.


Public defenders are there to help those who cannot afford a lawyer, or can help those that do not want to hire one, but they may not be a good choice if you’re looking to have your charges dropped. Public defenders, while they do not cost you money out of pocket, are often very over worked. Many people are arrested each day, and many of them cannot afford a lawyer and therefor have a public defender. These lawyers often do not have much time, if any, to spend on your case and will try to get the case solved as quickly as possible. Often, this may mean pleading guilty for a lessor sentence, which leaves the charge on your record.

Instead, you can hire your own lawyer to work on your case. These lawyers can be expensive, but they can also pick and choose their cases. This means they only take cases that they have time for and can focus on. Since you’re paying them, they are more willing to spend the time necessary on your case. This means that you may be able to get your Misdemeanor Assault and Threats Charges Dismissed, instead of pleading guilty to try to get a lower sentence. When you hire a lawyer, they’ll discuss with you what your options may be, and they’ll try to reach your goals for the outcome of the case, instead of getting it done with quickly. More info

If you’ve been arrested, you will want to talk to a lawyer today about getting your Misdemeanor Assault and Threats Charges Dismissed. They’ll be able to discuss your options with you, walk you through the legal process, and do everything they can to help you get your charges dismissed so that you won’t have them on your permanent arrest record. Visit Ebner Nevins & McAllister