How to Get Teaching Credentials in the Bay Area

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The United States has approximately 50 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary public schools. In order to provide an education for these students they will need and estimated 3.3 million full time teachers. Here is some information from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to get you started if you are looking for what you will need for multiple subject Teaching Credential Bay area.

Preliminary Credentials:

The Preliminary credentials is issued for a maximum of five years. This is the amount of time you will have to achieve clear credentials. If you do not meet the requirements for the clear credentials within that time frame you will not be allowed to teach until the requirements are met and your document is renewed.

There are several steps you will need to complete to receive preliminary credentials. You will need a baccalaureate or higher degree as well as to pass the basic skills requirement test.   Also, you must complete a multiple subject teaching program which includes student teaching and verification of subject matter competency, by either passing a test or completing a Commission-approved course.

There is a course on the U.S. Constitution that must be passed, a computer technologies course geared towards the use of computers in an educational setting, and tests on reading.

Clear Credentials:

There are four options to obtaining your Clear Credentials Certificate. In order to receive it you must complete one of the four options. Very briefly, they are:

Complete a General Education Induction Program which has received Commission approval.

Complete (at a California University) a General Education Clear credential program.

Be certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in a Commission approved subject.

Have three or more years’ experience as a teacher in a private school.

Commission on Teaching Credential:

The State of California’s Commission on Teaching Credentials website has all of the details you will need to get you starting for gaining your credentials. Their website will give you answers about how to apply for or renew your credentials. They also supply leaflets, manuals and applications to answer any questions you may have about Teaching Credential Bay Area.