How to Hold Toy Companies Accountable in Defective Toy Lawsuit in Chicago

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Many parents rush out and buy their children the latest toy advertised on social media. Sometimes, you may even find a deal, but it becomes a problem when your child gets hurt. If a toy broke into pieces and your child was hurt, then you can hold the company responsible. The next step is to seek compensation and immediately schedule an appointment with a defective products attorney Chicago.

Duty to Report Defect of Product

Manufacturers and distributors must abide by product liability laws. They must provide trade-ins for safe products and warn customers of hazards. If they do not follow legal regulations, then a defective products attorney in Chicago can help with holding the manufacturer responsible for harming your child.

Show Evidence

When filing a defective product claim, you must prove certain things. You will need to show that the product had an unexpected and dangerous defect. Your child’s injury must have resulted from this dangerous defect. The product also must be in its original form at the time of the injury,

Warranted Suspicions

It is your duty as a parent to find out the cause of your child’s injury. You must not have altered the toy, and it was being used as intended. In these situations, a product defect may be the cause for the injury. It helps to get personalized advice from a lawyer.

Defects can make a toy dangerous. They occur from marketing mistakes, manufacturing errors, and design flaws. Contact Zimmerman Law Offices for a consultation today.