How to Know When Your Child Should See a Dentist in Chicago, IL

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You know that regular dentist appointments are an important part of keeping your little one healthy, but when should you take them for their first checkup? Here are three tips to help you decide when it’s time to visit your children’s dentist in Lincoln Square.

Your Child’s First Tooth Has Appeared

Most dentists recommend scheduling a checkup for your child as soon as their first tooth erupts. Early visits with a kids’ dentist in Lincoln Square usually focus on teaching families how to take care of the child’s teeth.

Problems or Symptoms Need Evaluated

Poor feeding is one of the most common reasons for babies to visit a kids’ dentist in Lincoln Square before their first birthday. Mouth problems like tongue tie or cleft palate can make it difficult for your baby to breastfeed or take a bottle.

It’s Never Too Late

Have you been putting off taking your child to the dentist? Whether you have a toddler or a teen, it’s never too late to visit your children’s dentist in Lincoln Square. The dentist will be happy that you took this important step for your child’s dental health and never judge you.

Whether you need a friendly dental practice for your child or the whole family, Dr. Mark Zieba and the staff at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square are here to provide superior dental care in a comfortable environment. Visit to learn more.