How to Pick the Ideal Dove Hunting Spots

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In many occasions, you show up for a dove hunting only to find that you have very little to enjoy from the activity. Even though you might have the best shot guns, the smartest dogs or even the best bullets, but if you picked on a wrong hunting ground, then there is no way you are going to enjoy the experience simply because there will be no birds to hunt. In order to avoid such disappointment, here are a few tips to help you pick the best spots for your dove hunting in Texas.

Identify sites in advance

Unless you have a great sixth sense which can lead you to a great site whenever you want to, it is a noble idea to scout for sites well in advance. In doing so, you need to understand a little bit about dove and know certain things like their flight patterns, when they start to fly and probably the effects of the sun with regards to their flying habits. All this information is easy to find and you should use it to identify a couple of spots so you have options should someone get to one of your preferred spots ahead of you.

Be Punctual

Identifying a great dove hunting site in Texas will be useless if you can’t be early enough and claim the spot before anyone else does. Just remember that the early bird catches the worm. Several people are on the lookout for great dove hunting spots and there is a probability that someone else had identified similar spots as you and if you go there late, you are likely to find that they had already pitched tent hence forcing you to look for alternative grounds.

The position of the sun

The position of the sun can greatly influence your ability to spot the doves and the ability to shoot them as well. If you want your experience in dove hunting in Texas to be a great one, you need to choose a spot where your back will face the sun at all times. If this is not possible, then you should try as much as possible not to face the sun directly with your face.

Watering holes

Just like other birds, dove will always look for water after eating. It would be a good idea to set up near a watering point but suppose many hunters have set up where the food is then they are likely to get a bulk of the birds before they get to the water hole hence limiting your chances of getting some good birds. You should have this consideration while you make your choices.

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