How To Pimp Your Ride with Some Cheap Alloy Wheels

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Pimping your ride with a set of cheap alloy wheels will improve the appearance of the vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd. Pairing the alloys with a set of low profile tyres will make any car look better than when it left the factory.

In most cases fitting a set of cheap alloy wheels will reduce the un-sprung weight of a vehicle fitted with steel rims. Reducing the un-sprung weight offers benefits in reduced fuel consumption and more precise steering.

As both magnesium and aluminium alloys are better conductors of heat than steel, they dissipate the heat generated by the vehicles brakes more quickly reducing the chances of brake failure when driving under extreme conditions. The design of cheap alloy wheels usually means that there is more space available to increase the size of the brakes which leads to improvements in braking.

When buying a set of cheap alloy wheels make sure that they are suitable for your vehicle. Fitting a set with the wrong wheel offset can mean that they will not fit into the wheel arch correctly which can cause the tyre to rub against the bodywork under cornering or under suspension load. Fitting wheels with the wrong centre bore can cause the vehicle to vibrate unless a correctly designed spigot ring is fitted. Fitting wheels that are to small will reduce your ground clearance increasing the chances of grounding, while wheels that are too large can lead to an uncomfortable ride. Changing your overall diameter of wheel and tyre will also require you to change your speedometer, as the readings will be too high with smaller wheels or too low with larger wheels.

When you first fit your cheap alloy wheels to your vehicle, first check that there is proper clearance by turning the wheel slowly whilst still jacked up. This will make sure that the new design does not catch on suspension, brake callipers or body parts. Then lower the vehicle and run your hand around behind and in front of the tyre to make sure that there is still clearance. Finally have someone ally some loading to the suspension and run another feel test.

Before you buy a set of cheap alloy wheels check with a reputable alloy wheel company, often the prices will be as low as anywhere else, but they will be able to advise you on the makes and designs that will work on your vehicle without any ride issues.

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