How to recreate your Teen’s Bedroom

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As your child gets older the décor and Bedroom Furniture Ottawa parents might have selected can become a little immature. For many parents the idea of redecorating their teen’s room seems like a daunting and expensive task. However there are many ways to recreate your teen’s bedroom without breaking the bank.

Bedroom Furniture Ottawa Teens Love

Each teen will have their own taste when it comes to the design of their room. A good start is to discuss what they do and don’t like about their current room. For some it might be as simple as a new lick of paint and a duvet, whereas others might hate the whole thing. Bedroom furniture Ottawa teens love will include a larger bed such as a double or queen, as well as somewhere to chill such as an easy chair or even a sofa if space allows. They might also want somewhere a little more private to do homework instead of the shared computer and desk they have been using for the past several years in the family room or den. Focusing on the pieces they really need and finding other options for bedroom furniture Ottawa the things that are nice to haves will cut down on the cost.

Paint Colour

It is all about your teen and what they want on their walls. Let them choose the colour so you don’t run into a big argument that will just put strain on your relationship. Privacy and a sense of ownership are important to teens and by allowing them to decorate their own room will make them feel you trust and respect them. You can of course lay down some ground rules such as a budget and telling them it’s all on them to get the painting or wallpapering done.

Adapting New and Old

Try to come up with ways to adapt so that new and old pieces can be used in the room. For example if you are investing in a new bed see if you can perhaps paint an old dresser to bring it more up to date and to their tastes. The bedroom furniture Ottawa teens might insist on could include an accent chair or a sofa where they can sit and chat with friends. Perhaps there is a comfortable chair in the home that will work well. Set a budget and then together take a look at what can be reinvented and what will need to be replaced.

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