How to Take Care of Your Carpet

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When one purchases a new carpet often we are extremely good at looking after it in its first few months of being in the home. We ensure that visitors wipe their feet before entering the home, we are quick to vacuum at least a few times a week and of course we won’t let the dogs muddy paws near our expensive floor covering. However over time the pressures of every day life make us less likely to keep up with our carpet care routine. This cannot be allowed to happen through as a carpet is a huge expense when decorating and fitting out the home. It needs to be taken good care of to keep looking good and feeling great too.

Oh no, I’ve stained my new carpet – what can I do?

The worst has happened and you have a food or drink stain on your new carpet. Your pride and joy is simply not looking its best and you are worried. Don’t rush out and buy a rug to cover it up just yet! Depending on the carpet care instructions which should have come with the carpet you can try cleaning a little spot yourself. Always ensure you test on an inconspicuous area of carpet first – just in case!

Also, the big rule is always to use specialist products on your carpet. Do not use household cleaners such as washing up liquid, soap or bleach. You will ruin your floor covering and could potentially cause a great deal of damage. Really the best option in most if not all circumstances is to consult the experts. Find a good company through an internet search. By inputting a term such as Carpet Cleaning London many valid results will come up and your problem should be solved.

More handy tips

* Always ensure that there are doormats at every entrance to your home. Clean these regularly to keep both them and your carpets looking great.

* When your carpet is newly laid and for a few weeks afterwards, it can be prone to fibre loss. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Just ensure that you vacuum gently for a while.

* If any little tufts of fibres appear within the carpet, don’t manually pull these out. Instead, taking a small pair of scissors trim them so they are level with the rest of the carpet.

It is not difficult to take good care of your new carpet. In fact it can be very rewarding to know that you are keeping your home and property looking as good as possible for as long as possible. If in doubt, always call an expert.

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