How To Tell If Your Brake Caliper is bad

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Among the most important parts in your braking system are the calipers, which work in conjunction with your brake pads to stop your car when needed. Over time, the calipers on your car will start to become worn and need replacing. The longer you neglect to repair bad brake calipers, the harder it will be to stop your car when you need to. Many car owners have no idea how to tell if their calipers, which is why routine brake checks performed by professionals is so important. The following are a few signs that your brake calipers are bad and that you need Brake Service from a Fort Wayne IN automotive repair shop.

Exterior Inspection

One of the first things you should check in order to determine if your brake calipers are bad is the appearance of them. If you start to see that the lines going to your calipers are cracked and worn looking, then chances are you need to take your car in to be looked at by a mechanic. You can also get someone to work the brakes of your car while you look at the calipers. If you are able to move the rotor while the brakes are engaged, then your calipers are in need of replacement.

Check the Brake Fluid Flow

In order to check the fluid flow to your caliper, you will need to find the bleeder valve. Find a smaller hose to attach to the bleeder valve and then put the other end in a clear jar with brake fluid in it. Open the valve and have an assistant press down on the brakes. If the hose produces a constant flow of fluid into the clear jar, then fluid is reaching the caliper. If the fluid is not coming out of the hose, then you need to have the calipers replaced immediately.

Proper Floating

Another way to check to see if you calipers have gone bad is by checking to see if the caliper floats properly on the rotor. If you can see the caliper moving when the brakes are applied, then you need to take your car in for repairs. The calipers on your car should be firm on the rotor so when the brakes are engaged they stop the vehicle immediately. Any slack in the motion of the caliper can cause instability and it will make stopping your vehicle harder.

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