How to Update a Room with Modern Touches

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If you cannot afford a complete redo of rooms in your home there are a number of updates you can make that will help make your décor seem less dated. From Modern Furniture Ottawa designers depend on to some simple and affordable accents, you can bring your home into the present with a few carefully chosen design details.


You can add a number of accents that can instantly update a room. Drapes can make a huge difference to any room. Choose a modern, bright and fun pattern, a more modern texture or geometric or something a little more whimsical. You can then add complementary throw cushions to sofas and chairs. In the bedroom drapes work well but a new duvet cover works even better. You will be surprised what a difference these simple accents can make to a room. Another accent that works well is modern art. From black and white photos to simply updating current art with modern steel or black frames, adding new artwork with a modern edge can really update a room. If budget allows, look for modern furniture Ottawa shops offer such as an accent chair, modern table or even a more modern wall unit or shelving.


If you have awful carpeting you can do an instant update adding new flooring. Whether it is an updated neutral carpeting, hardwood or laminate, you can instantly update your home with new flooring. If this is not in the budget consider adding new area rugs at the foot of your bed, in the foyer, along the halls as well as in the living room and dining room.

Modern Furniture

A new sofa is an excellent modern furniture update for your Ottawa home. With modern designs and fabrics you will see a huge change. If this is too expensive consider updating your coffee table and end tables. New tables with some new, modern lamps can also make a big difference to a room. In the bedroom add new bedside tables and lamps. Your dining room can be brought into the new and now with a new dining table, but if this is too expensive consider just adding new modern chairs, or reupholster your chairs with a modern fabric.

As you can see you can decide to do a complete redo with modern furniture Ottawa homeowners love or make simple changes to refresh and modernize.