How to Wash Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

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Heavy duty vinyl tarps were created to be able to withstand very heavy loads, work stress, harsh environment conditions, and abrasive chemicals. Every once in a while your heavy duty vinyl tarps. will need a little touchup in order to keep them in top notch condition. Not only will your tarp look nice because you are keeping it clean, but it is always a good idea to wash away all of the dirt and debris that gets caught on top of the tarp.

The first step in properly cleaning a heavy duty tarps. is to lay it out on the ground. You should start by using a scrape brush to remove any residue that might have built up on the surface of the tarp. You might have to go over the residue a couple of times. Do not be a afraid to put a little muscle into the brushing, you are not going to hurt the tarp. If you are washing a large tarp, you might consider hanging it on a clothing line instead. Then, you can just use a water pressure jet to spread it down.

You are going to need canvas washing detergent and some hard sponges. Mix the canvas washing detergent with some water. There may be a few stains on the tarp that the water jet is not enough to remove them. Just take the hard sponges and work the detergent into the surface of the tarp. Give the detergent a little time to soak into the stain. Then, you can wash it away with the water jet.

It is important to note that most people spray down the surface of their tarp several times before they consider it to be clean. You are going to want to let the tarp dry in between each spraying session. It will be easier to see any lingering stains or residue this way. You also want to make sure the tarp is completely dry before you use it again. If the tarp is wet at all, it is going to cause debris and dirt to stick to it. This means it will not take long before it gets dirty again.