Hurt in a Rear-End Collision? Speak with an Accident Attorney in Gulfport, MS Promptly

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It’s very scary to be stopped at a signal waiting for the light to turn green and be hit from behind by a car. Even wearing a seatbelt won’t always protect the person from a whiplash injury. A person may also not have the money to get their car repaired and pay for expensive deductibles. If the person who ran into them, was talking on their cellphone or texting, then they were negligent. As soon as they have received the proper medical care, the injured person should contact an Accident Attorney in Gulfport, MS to ensure that their rights are protected.

They need to be represented early in the process by an Auto Accident Attorney in Gulfport, MS, because an attorney for the insurance company may attempt to convince them to settle for a very small amount of damages. What looks like a lot of money to them, might be a very small settlement based on the injuries they suffered. Once they have hired an attorney, the insurance company will be told to contact the lawyer and not the injured person. That ensures that the injured person will always understand the ramifications of any offer or request.

It also minimizes the fear tactics that the insurance company can use to intimidate the injured person. Insurance adjusters may claim that their back injury was only partially caused by the accident and that it is a pre-existing condition. Even if they agree that the accident caused the back injury, they may attempt to minimize its severity. While the injured person says they are in extreme pain and can’t return to work or even care for themselves, the insurance company doctors may say this isn’t true. The injured person may find that their every move is being watched by private investigators, while they go to doctors and physical therapy appointments.

An Accident Attorney in Gulfport will work with medical professionals to get the best settlement possible for their client. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair monetary settlement, then the attorney will take them to court. They will build a strong case to convince a jury that the driver was negligent and severely injured their client.