I Think Green, How Can I Practice Recycling In Aurora CO?

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Recycle, recycle, recycle – the modern day mantra that is being continuously drummed into our heads. Especially when you live out here in Aurora Colorado close to the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains (plus State and local laws and ordinances that are specifically aimed at protecting the environment).

I Am Convinced & I Want To Play My Part

However, I am also human and subject to human frailties and ingrown bad habits. If I have to segregate my trash, I can accept the logic behind that and will attempt to make the effort; but, it can get complicated. For example, I like drinking imported liquor from Europe – how to correctly dispose of the empty glass bottle? It has a metal top; OK, I can remove that and place it with my other metal items; but, what about the ring of metal that remains after breaking the security seal? Then, there is that plastic” gizmo” on the neck of the bottle that stops me pouring too big a slug in one go – do I have to try and somehow get that out?

You get my drift? There are so many items in our regular trash that are not exclusively one recyclable or another; this makes segregation complicated. Even when I have made my best efforts to efficiently segregate; I then have to purchase a number of separate bins; to hold the different material categories. Having done that; there is also the question of where do I find the space to place all these bins in order to store up my recyclable trash between collections?

I Don’t Want To Sell It – I Just Want To Be Rid Of It

And, I would like to be rid of it with both the minimum of fuss and maximum frequency of collection. I hate to be told that my smelly collection of beer and soda cans (OK, I should have washed them out and been guilty of wasting precious water?) is not yet big enough to be collected at the same time as my overflowing bin of plastic trash.

Could It Be – Recycle YES – Segregate No?

As if in answer to my prayers, I found out about a new system that sounds like a throwback to the old ways but meets my personal desires for recycling in Aurora CO. It appears that the money people behind some recycling plants have done their homework and now take people like me into account.

The answer is so simple; they ask people seeking Recycling In Aurora to make only one segregation. Everything that can be legally recycled goes into one bin (all mixed up); they then take it away to their recycling plant and do all the sorting and sifting themselves.