Ideas For Unique Wedding Favor Bags

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There are so many different things to consider when planning your wedding. You have to choose the decorations, the theme, the styles and of course all the aspects of the event itself. Deciding on the wedding favor bags and the items inside doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, especially if you stop to consider what your guests will want to remember your wedding by.

Choosing Wedding Favor Bags

Before you decide on the contents, you have to choose from the wide array of CarryGreen wedding favor gift tote bags available. While you can go with traditional paper, you may also want to consider a more lasting option. Jute wedding favor bags are very long lasting, hold an amazing array of items and also provide your guests with an environmentally friendly way to take home the little gifts that you decide will symbolize your wedding day.

Seasonal Wedding Favor Bags

Depending on the time of the year that you marry you may want to consider going with seasonal items in the bag. For example, if you are marrying around Christmas a tree ornament with a picture of the happy couple and the date of the wedding is a treasured wedding favor.

In the spring you can include a package of flower seeds, a small sapling tree to plant or even small glass charms of birds, flowers and colorful butterflies. These can be attached to the drawstring or closure on the wedding favor bags to really add to the theme.

Snowflakes or wintery symbols are a great option for the winter, richly colored leaves for the fall and seashells or beach items can be a great match for summer wedding.

Add A Variety of Items

You and your spouse to be can pick out a variety of smaller, meaningful items to go into wedding favor bags. These could include items such as key chains or bookmarks with your names and the date of your wedding inscribed or printed. Small picture frames, custom wrapped chocolates or candies and a personal thank you message for making this a day to remember are all excellent ideas to create unique wedding favor bags.

You can be as creative as you want with your wedding favors; after all it is your way of saying thanks to your guests. With versatile wedding favor bags available you can find just the look and style to match your needs.