Ideas For Unique Wedding Receptions

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Catering

If you haven’t decided on a theme for your wedding receptions Cincinnati OH or reception yet, here are some great themes to get your creative juices flowing.

A pirate theme to go along with a beach wedding would be adorable. For favors try little tiny glass bottles with a message and perhaps a photo of the couple inside and a little cork at the top is whimsical. Cute finger foods like truffles in a small chest made to look like pirates treasure is sure to make your guests smile. Little gold coins on the tables will be a great final touch.

If something more risqué is your style then think about a Las Vegas themed reception. Have some small Vegas games around the room so your guests can go win little prizes like chocolate poker chips. You can even have token buckets as favors so the guests can keep up with their winnings. Different colored dice can be table identifiers instead of traditional numbers. Mini champagne bottles at each table can make the experience feel authentic. You might even consider hiring a great Elvis emcee to make the night complete.

Another fun themed reception is a board game themed reception. Have the guests write their well wishes on cards for a game a Game of Life. A fun favor idea could be a candy bar with a Candyland theme. Or how about having guest use Clue cards to find their tables. You are at the table with the rope and Miss Scarlett. Identify different sections of your reception like the dance floor, the buffet, the bar, or the gift table with Monopoly real estate cards. Fun ideas like this will entertain your guests and play to your love of board game.

Perhaps travel is more your style. Make your reception into a mini trip around the world. Theme your food to some of your favorite international cuisines. Perhaps have guests have a passport for a favor, and when they visit each station at your reception they get stamp. Guests can ever write well wishes of best memories of the couple on postcards and hang them on a tree for a little fun instant memory adventure book. Vintage suitcases can serve and decorations and small tables.

A simple country themed wedding is easy to put together. Use bandanas for napkins over a red checked tablecloth. Large containers with taps for lemonade make a cute drink station. Stacked hay bales provide simple, great seating. Large wagons can be great serving tables for your food and you cake. A simple country band to play some slow waltzes for you and your guests to dance the night away under some twinkle light stars. These are just a few ideas for a unique reception theme.

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