If You Need Slip and Fall Lawyers Long Island NY

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Accidents can cause extensive pain, substantial medical bills and days, weeks and even months lost from work. Suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence should be compensated for. The Law Office of Matthew Glassman has been serving injury victims for over 25 years. This team of experienced attorneys has the know-how to deal with insurance companies; they will get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Have you experienced a personal injury from a serious mishap or accident? Have you accrued massive medical bills due to that injury? Are you in need of legal representation to help compensate you for your injuries? Slip and Fall Lawyers in Long Island are there to help you.

Attorney Matthew A. Glassman has repeatedly prepared thorough cases and fought for the rights of his clients. He strongly believes in getting all clients the personal attention they need. This team of attorneys is relentless in preparing your case and attaining the best possible outcome for you. They represent adults and children in Long Island, Suffolk County and the New York metro area. Some of the injury victim cases they take on include:

* Auto accident victims (injury due to another driver’s negligence; injury that may affect your back, your limbs or your head, making it impossible to go to work).

* Animal bites (in which the animal owner realizes that the pet has some propensity for violence. Some signs would include growling, jumping, or snarling; this attorney team performs an in-depth investigation to learn past behavior of the pet from neighbors and friends.

* Medical Malpractice (where it is established that a doctor’s negligence caused the death of someone).

* Premise accidents (any type of fall due to slippery floors, obstacle obstruction or uneven floor).

* School accident (due to faulty school equipment or negligence in the school’s hiring a unlawful teacher such as a pedophile. Cases where a child is being bullied are also viable injury cases).

* Construction accidents (due to a law violation such as faulty equipment resulting in a fall or something falling on someone).

The goal of the Law office of Mark Glassman is to resolve your case as quickly and amicably as possible. In most cases, this takes about six to nine months. If you’re in dire need of Slip and Fall Lawyers in Long Island NY, you can visit their website.