Implantology in Your Dental Office in Bellevue, NE

Implantology is the insertion of dental implants by implant dentists, oral surgeons, and specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Implantology is a huge part of the field of dentistry. For decades, dentistry has slowly progressed, especially in the field of implant placement. If you would like to know more about implants, continue reading or contact your local dental office in Bellevue NE.

What is an implant?

Numerous human organs can be replaced artificially today. In the last 30 years, dentistry has designed a new art that deals with planting artificial tooth roots. Demonstrating clinical experience over three decades, and having over a million patients treated, 90% of the implants in the jaw bone heal and are still functional after many years. After a stormy development years ago, the standard has been reached: implants are practically guaranteed. Previously missing teeth that were replaced with implants will restore the ability to chew. In contrast, improving the modern permanent solutions of today not only help with function and appearance, but also self-confidence and quality of life of patients.

The teeth are an important part of the so-called masticatory system, which for food intake is important. It characterizes people as a whole, affects the appearance, speech, and often the behavior of fellow human beings. Even the loss of a single tooth, the appearance can affect the aesthetics of the people considerably. Tooth loss leads to disturbances of the masticatory system, and later on, serious diseases.

The trend in dental implants and prosthesis is set clearly towards shorter treatment times, minimizing pain and aesthetic results. All oral surgeons and implant dentists offer the highest quality products on the current scientific level. They recommend you do not put off a procedure like this. Dental Implantology has become indispensable when replacing missing teeth. Whether it is a single tooth or a solid, stable solution in the edentulous jaw, implants give excellent results.

Do you want detailed advice about the different types of implantation, bone replacement, and prosthetic treatment options? If so, contact your local Dental Office in Bellevue NE. The professionals present can help you gain the smile you always wanted.