Importance of Business Insurance in Bethlehem PA

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Contrary to what most business men think, insuring your business is not a luxury and although business insurance can be expensive, the benefit associated with it cannot be underestimated. So many unforeseen calamities can befall your business resulting into huge losses. It is important that you stay prepared for such unfortunate possibilities. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in business insurance in Bethlehem, PA.

Catastrophic losses

Some losses cannot be prevented even with the best precautions. Losses that are caused by unforeseen natural disasters such as fire, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods could bring your business to an end. You can avoid incurring such losses by taking an insurance cover against them, which will ensure that the worst that can happen upon such occurrences is temporary closure of your business as opposed to permanent. Taking a business interruption insurance will also ensure that you get adequate compensation for the duration of closure.


Many are times that your business will get involved in lawsuits, either for legitimate reasons or otherwise. Lawsuits are very expensive to defend and this could have a huge impact on your business resources. Further, in the event that your business ends up losing in a legal battle, damages will be awarded to the other party, expenses that have to be borne by the business. A professional liability or malpractice insurance cover will protect your business from incurring losses associated with legal action for malpractice, negligence and errors.


It is possible for a customer or client to slip and fall within your business premises or for a customer to get injured by using a faulty product from your business. Similarly, an employee may get injured in the course of duty. In such instances, you will be required to adequately compensate the victims of such occurrences for their physical and psychological losses. That is when a business insurance cover will come to your rescue. A general liability or a product liability cover will help you to avoid unnecessary costs that may well bring your business operations to an end.

Regardless of how small your business is, it is clear that the advantages of having Business insurance in Bethlehem PA outweigh the disadvantages. For comprehensive insurance coverage of your business, contact Linda Krisko Insurance Agency.