Important Questions You Should Ask About An Office Lease In Newnan

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Finding the right location for your office building doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, if you ask the right questions. You want your office building to be situated in a great location for the convenience of your customers, but your office space must also fit your needs and budget. To ensure that your office space is suited for your business, ask each landlord the questions below before selecting an office lease in Newnan.

How much square footage is included in the office space?

Before you lease the office space for your business, determine how much room you’ll need to run your business proficiently. Consider leasing a space that is a bit larger than what you’ll actually need, just in case your business grows quickly within the first few years.

Will I need to purchase any special type of insurance when leasing office space?

You’ll need to purchase insurance to cover yourself and your inventory, and your landlord may require you to purchase general liability insurance before you can move into the building. This type of insurance protects the landlord in a lawsuit if one of your customers falls and has an injury while on the property. Your landlord will tell you about any other types of insurance that’s required by the lease.

What is the average cost of the utilities in the office space each month?

Many people who look for office space to lease often forget to ask this question and then they have an unwelcome surprise when the first utility bill arrives. It’s important that you know approximately what the utility bill will run so that you can figure this cost into your monthly budget. The cost of the utilities, office rent and insurance each month should be totaled so that you have a good idea what you’ll be paying each month for an Office Lease in Newnan.

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