Important Things to Know About Driveway Repair In St. Paul, MN

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The quality of your driveway is one of the things that determine how attractive your compound looks and also how easy it is to drive in and out of the house. However, like all other surfaces, driveways do wear out with age. The most common problems that affect driveways include cracks and potholes. Here are a few tips for driveway repair in St. Paul, MN.

Dealing with cracks and holes

The way you will deal with cracks and holes should depend on the extent of the damage. If the damage is not that extensive, you can choose to use rubberized asphalt filler. It is very easy to obtain from a hardware store. It is normally loaded on to a caulk gun and is easily dispensable. The results are immediate. However, if you want more lasting results, it is wiser to get a repair expert to do the job for you. They will assess the extent of the damage and even try to figure out the cause of the problem. They will then use this information to try and get a solution.

Dealing with depressions in the driveway

These are holes that are more than one inch deep and resemble birdbaths in the driveway. The best way to deal with these depressions is to have an expert repair them. As long as they are not deeper than one inch, they are possible to repair. What the expert does is that they will sweep out any debris that could have formed in the depression. They will then prime the area and use cold patch asphalt to fill up the area. They will finish buy driving a heavy object over the area to flatten and even out the area.

Problems that seem irreparable

There are times when you will come across driveway problems that are irreparable. This calls for total replacement of the patches that are damaged. Only driveway repair in St. Paul, MN experts will know how to replace the worn out patches without affecting the rest of the structures.

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