Improve the Quality of Your Roof and the Value of Your Home With Tile Roofs in Pompano Beach

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People are always looking for ways to improve the thermal efficiency of their homes. They add insulation, tint the windows and even install heavy blinds just to keep nature at bay. Of course, these extra additions improve the situation, but one of the most overlooked options for improvement is the application of tile roofs in Pompano Beach. At one point in time tile roofs were considered the territory of red clay tiles such as those used in many Mediterranean styled homes. However, modern manufacturing and improved designs have advanced roofing tiles to new heights. Plus, tiles can come in both the clay style and a lightweight concrete version.

Concrete and clay tiles provide the homeowner with numerous benefits. Some of these include resistance to fire or hail damage as well as the ability to handle other elements such as snow and rain. Tile roofs tend to be conserve energy better than conventional roofing in a variety of climates. The structure and construction methods used in tile roofs allow air to circulate around and under the tile itself which improves the homes built in insulating capabilities. On a more appealing note, concrete and clay tiles come in a variety of styles and colors to easily liven up any home. Plus, many of the new tile styles are light enough that your original roof can easily support the installation.

Installing a new roof can greatly change the look of your home. An old and dingy roof covering can make a house look dismal and unkempt, but a clean tile roof can make the home look almost brand new and it can definitely add to the overall value of the property. Unlike asphalt shingles that tend to dry out and wear over time a tile based roof will last a lifetime. With the obvious exception of acts of God, your tile roof may never need repair again. One of the most interesting facts about tile roofing is how widespread the use of this material is. Concrete and clay tiles are estimated as the second most used roofing medium on the planet.