Improve Your Smile Using Teeth Whitening in Audubon

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As Cosmetic Dentistry becomes more prominent people are becoming more aware of the need to take care of their teeth as well as make them more presentable. Along with the older methods of teeth cleaning provided by dentist in Audubon, patients are in need of other ways of whitening their teeth and improving their smile. As a matter of fact, Teeth Whitening in Audubon has become one of the most requested dental procedure provided by dental offices.

Of course, teeth whitening is more than providing a person with a white smile, it is also a way of building that person’s confidence. When you are proud of your smile you find yourself using it more often and the more you use that smile, the more you will find yourself communicating with other humans. This may actually open doors you never dreamed of.

Teeth Whitening in Audubon is actually a fairly simple process. The dentist uses a gel or paste with a peroxide base, usually carbamide. Carbamide peroxide mixed with water causes a chemical reaction resulting in hydrogen peroxide. It is this chemical reaction that actually results in the whitening effect. As the peroxide works through the rod like crystal structure of the tooth enamel it attacks the underlying stains that build up in the layer of dentin. By using the carbamide peroxide the dentist can start with and gentler solution that won’t harm the gums yet end up with a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution that cleans better.

In most cases Teeth Whitening in Audubon is the best and easiest procedure for whitening your teeth. However, not everyone qualifies for this procedure. If you’ve had prior dental work done such as veneers, caps or crowns your teeth probably won’t bleach properly. In these cases the teeth will lighten, but the color usually won’t match the shade from the dental materials leaving what is sometimes called a technicolor smile. In instances like these dental offices such as Deptford Family Dental will probably suggest the use of veneers or overlays if the stains are deep or the teeth are highly discolored. Overlays provide a uniform way to cover misshapen or seriously discolored teeth using very little effort.