Improving Business Analytics With Web Based Time Clocks

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Computer & Internet

Companies that rely on the work and efforts of hourly employees for much of their labor understand how important it is to manage their workforce well. This can be the difference between a profitable year and one in which they end up in the red. Web based time clocks can help companies increase the efficiency of their workforce through the implementation of improved business analytics. With a more reliable data collecting and processing apparatus companies can implement the changes which need to be made more confidently.

Using web based time clocks for your hourly employees will allow you to more accurately track the level of work which is being done on a daily basis. You will be able to pull reports from the system extremely easily and can use this information to deduce how operations can improve. You will be able to run time reports by employee, department, or the entire company as well as creating specific groups to track individually. This will help you understand where your efficiency is coming from and how to increase it going forward.

You can also use web based time clocks and the system in which they run to automatically email time cards to employees. This can be done regularly with whichever interval you would like between reports. This can help employees keep track of exactly how many hours they have logged during a specific pay period and help insure the accuracy of the payment which are made to them. This will allow them to trust in the transparency of the company and help them understand that they are being paid for their contributions to the company’s success as a whole.

You are able to code in 3 separate levels of timecard approvals when using web based time clocks. This will help you insure that there are no errors which are going uncaught while using the system for employee management purposes. It also allows administrators to make changes when necessary in order to accommodate unexpected situations which require individualized attention. You can choose to use one, two, three, or none of these levels of approval within your own timecard system depending on what works best for your individual company and the specific workforce that you employee. We understand that each company is different and have built in the versatility to allow for the customization which you may need.

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