In Home Care: A Worthy Investment for Aging Family Members in Bethesda, MD

by | May 6, 2014 | Healthcare

n home care in Bethesda, MD can be needed for any number of reasons. Professionals from this field are capable of providing specialist care to the elderly or anyone who may be bedridden or disabled. However, in home care in Bethesda, MD is not cheap and is not 100% secure. So before you hire anyone who comes along when you need them, make sure they have the proper qualifications to care for patients.

Professional Background

Professional in home care givers are trained in a number of fields of human services, such as social work, psychology, nursing, and gerontology. They are fully qualified to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide medical assistance for the patients in their care. They are also actively involved in providing support and assistance in every aspect of elder care. Make sure to check their certifications from the National Association of Social Workers, the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, or the Commission for Case Managers. They must also be members of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.

Price Tag

Although hiring an in home care giver in Bethesda, MD is not cheap, choosing a reliable professional will be worth it. In fact a good in home care giver will show you a lot of options for adequately meeting this expense. Most professional in home care services charge an initial assessment fee; others could bill you for the same thing on a per hour basis. While a lump sump initial fee for an hour and a half long assessment meeting could be anything between $250 to $750, the hourly charges range from $150 to $200 per hour. These rates are also dependent on the kind of care you are looking for, the patient’s condition, and the amount of time you expect the caregiver to spend with the patient.
If you require in home care services 24/7, it is important that the care manager have a certain chemistry with either the family member they will most interact with and with the patient, as well. The patient will be at ease and may enjoy having in home care if they like the care giver who is assigned to work for and with them. And if there are more people involved in providing in home care and services to your loved one in Bethesda, MD, make it a point to know the entire team of professionals.

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