Information About Portable Water Purifiers and Filters

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When you go camping or hiking, you can’t carry tons of fresh water with you. It won’t fit in your pack and it will weigh you down. You can’t drink the water in lakes and streams because it’s filled with harmful bacteria. What do you do? You carry a portable water purifier that fits in your pack and makes the natural water safe to drink. They come in a few sizes and strengths based on your needs.

How Water Purification Works

The water container has a special filter installed at the opening of the container. The filter is material that has holes so tiny that only pure water can pass through. Microscopic bacteria and viruses are too large and get stuck on the filter. You fill the container with water from a stream. When you pour the water from the container, it passes through the filter. The fresh water flows out and the nasty bacteria stays behind.

Purifiers and Filters

There are a few differences between a portable water filter and a portable water purifier. Filters remove harmful bacteria and protozoa, such as E. Coli, dysentary, salmonella, and cholera. A purifier is tougher. It removes harmful bacteria and protozoa, but also removes viruses that could make you severely ill. It removes hepatitis, poliovirus, and SARS. If you travel to an area that might have these viruses, you will need a purifier or the proper vaccinations against the viruses.

Types of Water Containers

Whether you are planning a small hike in the woods or a long camping trip with friends, you can find the right type of purifier for you. You can purchase water bottles with a filter on the lid, or small bags with a filter. You can drink straight from these containers without fear of swallowing bacteria. Simply fill it up and drink. The bags are useful because they roll up small to fit in your pack. Larger bags with filters that fit up to four liters of water are also available. It takes about three minutes for the water inside to become pure. Larger bags with purifiers take up to 15 minutes.

You want to explore the great outdoors, but you also want to make it home without becoming sick. Purifiers and filters make it so you can go anywhere your feet will take you. Browse website for more information.