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If you are a professional welder, or you do this as a hobby, you probably know the importance of working with the right tools. The welding device itself is very important because every type is designed to execute a particular kind of operation, but the additional tools you use also contribute to the success of your work. Rods are essential as welding supply, NYC manufacturers and hardware stores offering you various models of different sizes and consistencies.

The 6010 electrode penetrates deep inside the metal leaving only a small amount of debris. This is why it is used in making heavy equipments or structures. This welding device needs to be connected to a DC source of power for the best results.

The 6011 type of rod is ideal for the welding of surfaces that present dirt or rust, and it is mainly used in pipe welding. The recommended source of power for the welding machine is the same as for 6010.

6013 LV rod is good for working on metal sheets as it does not penetrate so deep in the material. If you do this only as a hobby, this particular type of rod is the perfect welding supply NYC specialists are recommending. There are no specifications regarding the type of the power source used to connect the welding tool when you work with 6013 LV rod.

The 7018 electrode is perhaps the most commonly met type of welding rod. It is mainly used to work in milder steel as the produced weld is of an excellent quality. However, the 7018 electrode necessitates some special storage conditions because you cannot use it when it is wet. It is recommended that you put the rods into a special oven before you use them if they were exposed to humidity.

The 7014 rod is used to weld poor-fitting joints as it is covered by a fine powder that provides a flat and high-speed welding. The electric arc welder is the best tool to work with if you use the 7014 rod.

While the 7018 rod is designed for welding tools that use a DC source of power, welders who prefer to use the AC-powered machines work better with the 7018 AC type. In fact, this is the only difference between these two kinds of rod, the consistency, welding speed, penetration depth and applications being the same in both cases.

Knowing this essential information about the existing types of rods simplifies a lot your mission of providing your workshop with the necessary welding supply – NYC-based hardware stores and manufacturers offering you only high quality products.

If you are interested in purchasing rod of any type as welding supply, General Welding Supply Corp. provides quality welding supplies at competitive prices in NYC.

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