Information Provided By Divorce Lawyers In Mequon, WI About Alimony And Child Support

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Divorce lawyers Mequon WI manage concepts such as alimony and child support requirements in Ozaukee County. Each of these payments is calculated by the court. Precise calculations are utilized based on wages and revenues generated by the accountable spouse. The attorneys perform discovery for the spouses to establish an average figure based on all sources of income. It presents the court with the account history for all bank accounts, stocks or bonds, and any generated business-related income. All past streams of income are evaluated to determine an approximation for future earnings.

Income and Earnings

Income and earnings that are eligible for inclusion for alimony, and child support are not limited to wages earned from an employer. The spouse has the right to any funds generated by unemployment, worker’s compensation settlements, SSDI, and military benefits. Public assistance programs, including SSI and child support are the only types of income that is excluded. Former spouses receiving maintenance are eligible for cost of living increases.

Determinations for Alimony

Alimony is often referred to as maintenance payments and awarded to a spouse who meets specific conditions. Among the factors that determine, eligibility are duration of the marriage, physical or mental state of the spouse, and earning capacity. The spouse may receive maintenance payments based on an inability to sustain the income level achieved within the marriage. Alternatively, the accountable spouse may avoid some maintenance costs by contributing to educational programs to increase earning capacity.

Ending Payments

Child-support payments are required until the child turns 18 or no longer attends high school. In some circumstances, the court orders payments to continue while the child attends college. Financial hardships generated by the elimination of child support often lead to extended payments. Adjustments for child-support payments are made based on required cost of living increases.

Alimony is paid as directed by the court. The judge assigns a starting and ending date for maintenance. At the same time, he or she renders indefinite payments for spouses who are disabled. Alternative reasons for maintenance termination are remarriage, domestic partnerships or civil unions, and death. Anyone who wishes to hire Divorce lawyers Mequon WI can contact the Fraker Law Firm.