Interested in Dental Implants in Chicago? Read This First!

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An implant is a small titanium fixture that is used as a substitute for the root of a natural tooth that is missing. The implant is placed in the upper or lower jaw. Over time, the implant joins the bone, and serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth. Statistics confirm a success rate of 95 percent for individual Dental Implants in Chicago and even a higher rate for the bridges that support them.

How much do implants cost?

The cost for tooth replacement usually depends on many factors, including the number of teeth replaced and the number of implants required. Some additional procedures may be required prior to placement to ensure the long-term health of the implant. In general, there is a fee for the surgical procedure and a separate fee for inserting the pillars and building the replacement teeth. For a specific budget, it is necessary that the specialist examine your mouth. After a diagnostic examination, your dentist will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

The advantages of implants over bridges and dentures?

  1. Improved appearance is a major one. When you lose the entire tooth (root and crown), reducing the jawbone might cause the face to look aged. Implants can halt this process.
  2. Conservation of natural teeth is another advantage. With conventional practices, it is necessary to cut the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth in order to place bridges. Dental Implants in Chicago often eliminate your need to amend healthy teeth.
  3. And it being a permanent solution is the biggest advantage. You have no moveable parts to deal with. The implant is comfortable and stable. No adjustments are required after installation. Generally, it will continue to function throughout life.

What are its benefits?

Losing one or more teeth has an obvious aesthetic impact, but it also poses a risk to the health of the rest of the mouth. You have to worry about plaque accumulation, excessive growth and inclinations of the rest of the teeth, which include poor mastication, articulation problems, etc. There are many reasons to choose dental implants. Beautiful teeth are essential to a pleasant and harmonious image, which provides security and enhances our projection. Implants can also retrieve and/or maintain structural and facial expression.

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