Investigating A Product’s Liability Case By Filing A Claim With Injury Attorneys In Marana, AZ

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Arizona imposes strict laws and statutes that protect the rights of accident victims. This includes victims who are injured due to product defects. When a product’s liability is present, the court could find any party that is connected within the chain of distribution of the product could be deemed liable. If you were a victim of a product’s liability, you should contact injury attorneys in Marana, AZ to represent you.

Investigating a Product’s Liability

The first step in investigating a product’s liability is determining where it originated. When severe injuries are sustained by a consumer, a report is filed with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. If this agency deems it necessary, they will launch an investigation. If the findings of the investigation should imply that the consumer used the product correctly and as indicated on its packaging. Through the investigation, the agency establishes when and where the defect occurred. Common places in which defects happen are the assembly line, inspection, and distribution. Once the origin is discovered the company can work with the CRPA to determine whether a product recall is necessary. Some defects originate in the product design itself. Whenever the company is aware of a potential flaw that presents a risk to the public, they are liable for any injuries that result from them. The CRPA can determine whether this is the case by evaluating the documentation for the product. They can also determine if certain situations could present a hazard to the consumer when they use the product.

When the risks of the design present risks, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a recall. When a recall occurs, the manufacturer must warn the public and require that anyone who purchased the product to return it for an adjustment or repair. If the flaw is irreparable, the manufacturer must offer a refund to each consumer who bought their product. Product defects that lead to injuries require further investigation. If the CRPA determines that the manufacturer is liable for these injuries, this increases the leverage for the victim to receive compensation. If you sustained an injury while using a product in your home, you should contact Injury Attorneys in Marana AZ to file a claim.