Is It Time for Heater Repair in Palatine?

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The ability to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, no matter what is happening outside, is important to most homeowners. When it comes to the heating system that keeps a home warm on chilly nights, it is important to remember that swift action when it is not working exactly right is a must. Here are some of the signs that it may be time to consider calling a professional and arrange for heater repair in Palatine area.

The Heater is Running, But It is Still Cold

While the heater may be running, the forced air coming out of the vents is really not all that warm. In fact, there is very little difference between the temperature of that air and what is going on outside. In addition, the system is not cycling on and off. That indicates something has happened to prevent the unit from heating the air before it moves through the duct work and into each room. The best approach is to shut down the system and contact a heating professional.

The Heater is Making Unusual Sounds

Normally, the heater makes little to no sound when in operation. Even when it cycles on and off, the sound of the change is barely perceptible. Lately, that has changed. The once quiet unit is beginning to knock and make a few other unusual noises. Before things get any worse, it makes sense to contact a professional and find out what type of Heater Repair in Palatine is required.

Something Smells

If the homeowner notices some sort of unusual smell coming out of the vents, the best move is to shut down the system and call a professional immediately. The nature of the Heater Repair may focus more on cleaning out the duct work, or the unusual odor could have something to do with one or more of the components in the main unit. The only way to find out for sure is to have an expert check the system and identify the origin of the problem.

Keep in mind that putting off a necessary repair does not accomplish anything in the long run. Instead, it just provides more time for the situation to grow worse. Once the type of repair is identified, authorize the work and get the problem resolved. In the long run, this allows the owner to get more years of use from the unit. If you find yourself in that situation and need a service just call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.