It all started with the moonwalk

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Back in the late 1950s the great space race was on and finally in 1969 the world saw Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually walk, or rather bounce, across the surface of the moon. With these first steps, a new industry was born, inflatable toys that allowed people to somewhat duplicate the experience of a moonwalk.

The first moonwalk rentals were really nothing more than a big inflatable mattress. Although it looked very much like any blow-up camping mattress, it was considerably larger and made from tougher material to stand the abuse. There were no walls on the first models; it was not until sometime later that manufacturer’s started to get interested in bouncy’s as a range of products. When walls began to rise, it was quickly found that few children were injured and more kids could play at the same time.

To this day, the term moonwalk is often used interchangeably with bounce house, inflatable and just plain bouncy. The models made today provide the same thrill, a feeling like you are walking on the moon.

Moonwalk rentals is a thriving industry now, many companies are offering the inflatable’s as part of an overall business that has products that are uniquely used for fun. Many parents are renting bounce houses for their kids birthday parties, they are also found in bounce house parks where there may be 15 or 20 different varieties for children to play on. There are many theme houses; castles, merry-go-round, boxing ring and many more.

When a moonwalk is rented, it arrives on site as a great bundle of vinyl. Once it is rolled open at the appropriate place, a fan is attached which blows air into the interior. Slowly the bounce house begins to rise and take shape. As long as the kids are playing on it, the inflatable will bleed air; the fan keeps it topped up. The design of the bounce floor is pretty much the same regardless of the walls. Some walls are like columns with a mesh stretched between them to keep the kids inside. Others use a solid wall for the same purpose. Many bounce houses have roofs, especially the castles, the walls on these are a combination of solid and mesh so there is complete enclosure for the children.

Call them what you please, bounce house or moonwalk rentals are available from Southern Ohio’s entertainment superstore; A&S Play Zone.