Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County Let Defendants Out of Jail Before Their Trial

When a person is arrested in Kansas, they will be booked and then appear at an arraignment hearing to plead guilty or innocent to the formal charges against them. At that time the judge will decide whether or not they qualify for bail. Unless a person is determined to be very dangerous or a flight risk, bail is usually granted. At that point the defendant or a family member will have to find a company that posts Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County. If this is their first time in jail this can be an embarrassing and confusing time for them.

When they contact Affordable Bail Bonds, the person who answers the phone will be courteous and professional. He knows the stress that they are under and will patiently explain the process. The company is located near the Sedgwick County Jail, so they can be there in a matter of minutes. The bail bond agent will explain the bond process and help the applicant to fill out the paperwork. This can usually be accomplished in under a half hour. However, the actual time that it will take to get out of jail depends upon how busy the jail is. The bail bond company understands that paying the bail bond fee can be difficult for many of their clients. They accept all forms of payments including credit cards. They will also create individualized payment plans to help a person wait for their trial outside of the jail system.

Posting Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County is just the beginning of the relationship between the bail bond agent and the defendant. If the defendant does not appear at a court date, then the judge will issue a warrant. The bail bond company then has between 10 days and 180 days to find the defendant and return them to the court. If the bail company fails to do this, then they have to pay the total amount of the bail to the court. It’s not surprising then that the bail bond agent closely monitors the activity of the defendant. He will make sure that he’s working or going to school. He’ll call the defendant the day before a court date to remind them and will probably be in court.